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Passion 100
Work Ethic 100
Perseverance 100
Organization and Structure. Design is problem solving, done in an artistic way. Everything that I do follows the same rule: Beautiful craft, technical excellence and exceptional attention to detail. Being a strong advocate of hard work, my services are always aimed towards the highest quality.
Clarity, Simplicity & Honesty. A lot of care, effort & passion goes into my work. I aim to make things simple to use, not just simple to look at. Putting ‘Make it really good’ ahead of ‘Do it quick’ was something that took my craftmanship to the next level.

What does Ajay think?

"Amit, I just checked your portfolio. You have a keen eye for design."

Ajay, Sr. Software Developer, Allianz

the Work process

I believe in connecting people with their brand. Based on research and strategic thinking, we find your problem, visualize great ideas, and then develop effective solutions.

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