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VML — Wendy's
  • Branding & Digital
  • Social Media
  • 2016
Wendy's Value

Dave Thomas founded Wendy's with a vision of serving up a quick meal without cutting any corners. As we continue to grow, we'll always be sure to keep Dave's traditions and legacy in mind. By partnering with the best suppliers in the business, we're able to serve up fresh, Deliciously Different® food every day. But Wendy's is about more than just food. By supporting our employees, we continue to feel like a true family business..

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At Wendy's, we're all about serving up fresh food, even if it means going the extra mile. When you walk through our doors, we do what we can to make everyone feel at home because our family extends through your community.

The idea for Wendy's "old fashioned" hamburgers was inspired by Dave Thomas's trips to Kewpee Hamburgers in his home town of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Kewpee sold square hamburgers and thick malt shakes, much like the well-known restaurant that Thomas eventually founded in Columbus, Ohio, in 1969.

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Choosing colors for designs in general is not easy. So why can’t we just choose colors for our projects based on how we feel about them or based on the trends? I’ve become more aware that knowing color theory, preferences and background of the client, culture of users and comprehension of your audience and competitors is the best way to choose right color for your project.

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chapter — 3



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In order to attract more food lovers to use this comfortable food app, the designer adds many useful and interactive pages/elements for them to freely explore, preview, learn, save and share preferable food dishes/recipes with ease.

Wendy's Brand Color #9C0B2B
Wendy's Brand Color #DD1438
Wendy's Brand Color #FCD3D7
Wendy's Brand Color #24ACE9
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Over the last century, people’s eating habits have changed a lot. Technology has also contributed to the changes in consumer preference as their dependence on technology has moved them to do everything online website including getting cooked meals delivered to their doorstep.

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It’s not our fault we’re so popular
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Creative Idea

Finally, after all researches and analysis were done I focused on designing all the screens through which a user will move, and created the visual elements — and their interactive properties — that facilitate this movement. I used things like patterns, spacing and color to guide the user and designed visual, interactive elements that respond in a way that feels natural to the user.

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There are many people who support the idea that digital products of today should be minimalist and purely functional. However, my experience and practice shows that people want to both solve the problems and feel aesthetic satisfaction using apps. The balance of these things was my responsibility as UI/UX designer on this project.

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