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"We think the design work is fantastic. We also like the infographic banner choices(Lamp Concept).
I really think that ties all the creative designs together.
Secondly, I cannot stress how much we appreciate all your hard work, along with your professionalism."

Meenakshi, Business Consultant
Project Details

Client: Business Consultant

Date: 13th May, 2014

Field: Consultancy

Business Consultant top management consulting firms in the world. Our project started with the goal of creating a distinctive logo and after that was done, they contacted me in order to design their creatives, Posters. The creatives was going to have a small number of pages, but it needed to be visual enough to present big data analysis in a clean and concise manner.
My purpose was to create something easy to use, but attractive enough to keep the users engaged. The creative is not too crowded and the information can be displayed clearly. I have chosen a tone of blue & grey to complement the logo and that color has been kept consistent throughout all the separate sections.
This one went straight to the point:Business Consultant now has a distinctive theme that is consistent throughout all the creatives. The creative is perfect for presenting their case studies and technology services, not to mention that it can capture data points and visually present information for a nontechnical end user in a way that he can understand.

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