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"It was a long, somewhat arduous process. We went through many, MANY different design concepts, but he was extremely eager and willing to do each and every one of them. Even during a time when I was trying to please too many people at once and probably came across as super indecisive and difficult, he was still very understanding, professional, and friendly about it. In the end, he managed to deliver an excellent design."

Aakash, Wills LifeStyle
Project Details

Client: Wills Lifestyle

Date: 3rd Feb, 2014

Field: Fashion and Lifestyle

My client had a first-to-market product idea that he wanted to develop. As such, there was very little concrete ideas and inspiration to draw from. He had only an inkling of what direction he wanted the logo to go in with a bunch of requirements that he would have liked the logo to fit in order to represent the company.
The company is called 'Wills Lifestyle'. Wills Lifestyle has been established as a chain of exclusive specialty stores providing the Indian consumer a truly 'International Shopping Experience' through world-class ambience, customer facilitation and clearly differentiated product presentation. Our stores have established themselves as preferred shopping destinations in the prime shopping districts across the country.
Although my client did not know exactly what he wanted from the start, we designed the Pamphlet, Creative Designs and particular for sales perspective to represent this brand by being simple, elegant, sleek, and clever. Today, Wills Lifestyle is a big brand and Wills Lifestyle was named Superbrand 2012 by the Superbrands Council of India and one of 'Asia's Most Promising' brands by WCRC in 2013.

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